SKYHack Winners

Shortlisted teams of Round 1

Hackathon Challenge 1
Rank Team Name Team Leader
1 Zoodif Dishant Ghai
2 Tureey Satyesh Singh Rajput
3 Avinashi Ashvin Savani
4 CivilCops Ashish Sharma
5 CREZARE Anuj Rastogi
Hackathon Challenge 2
Rank Team Name Team Leader
1 CareNX Innovations Pvt Ltd Aditya Kulkarni
2 BlisCode Chinmaya Naik
3 NULLVOID Prateek Gudadhe
4 pregacare Jestin
5 Civic Fulcrum Vinod
Hackathon Challenge 3
Rank Team Name Team Leader
1 Spectre Aarush Ahuja
2 WeShowedUp Nitesh Singh
3 TechnoTribe Hemali Sunil Mane
4 Vizz Bee Vibhu Tripathi
Hackathon Challenge 4
Rank Team Name Team Leader
1 SmileBots Achal Agrawal
2 Sacred Coders Alok Pandey
3 Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Madhura Karnik
4 ShiningStar Ghanshyam Singh Netam
5 Lamamia Sarvesh K. Verma
Hackathon Challenge 5
Rank Team Name Team Leader
1 Divya Rishikesh Kumar Singh
2 bluejack Mohit Sahu
3 Jivandeep Ravindra Singh Kshatri
4 Unusuals Priyansh Ladha
5 Titan Rahul Manusmare
Hackathon Challenge 6
Rank Team Name Team Leader
1 Pseudopodia Rajan Pandey
2 The Three Musketeers Shubham Maynal
3 Shunya Akshansh Ogare
4 TechSpirit Kiran Zinjurde
5 GIFTIANS Amarnath Baliarsingh
Shortlisted teams don’t forget to RSVP your participation by 12:00 PM IST, 10th August 2018, otherwise your invitation will be deemed canceled and other runner's up will be given the chance to participate in the final round.

What is SKYHack 2018?

SKYHack 2018 is an effort to invite innovative minds to become a part of the collective effort in creating this app ecosystem. This is your chance to make a positive difference to more than 50 lakh lives! This is also your chance to explore and become a part of the thriving start-up culture in the state, through our partner resources – incubators, accelerators and mentorship programs of 36Inc, IAMAI, Mobile 10x and Headstart. Besides these exciting opportunities, there are also exciting cash prizes to win, and the opportunity to get a captive user base of around 50 lakh users or more! So what are you waiting for?! See below for our exciting Hackathon Challenges and register your team NOW!!



SKYHack 2018

What is Sanchar Kranti Yojana?

The Chhattisgarh Sanchar Kranti Yojana (CG SKY) project is a ground-breaking initiative by the Government of Chhattisgarh to improve telecom penetration across the state and improve digital access among the people of Chhattisgarh. This is being done through telecom network augmentation and distribution of ~50 lakh smartphones to identified beneficiaries in the state. The state government envisions an equitable world where everyone in the state would have access to a stable mobile network and the means to connect to that network by the medium of a smartphone.
CG-SKY does not stop at network augmentation and the distribution of smartphones – it goes well beyond that with the overarching goal of creating an ecosystem of enabling mobile applications that would help citizens live their lives better, access information about government schemes easily, connect with the government without any barriers and access G2C services seamlessly. This is also a step forward in the direction of good governance through data based policy formulation and delivery.



PPT guideline for presentation.


Hackathon Challenges

1. Proactive governance entails taking real-time feedback from citizens regarding governance issues which will ensure effective delivery of public services. To facilitate this, how might we improve communication between citizens and government to enable citizen-centric governance?
Total Registered Teams: 173
2. Chhattisgarh’s maternal mortality rate is 221 per lakh which is considerably higher than the national average of 167 per lakh. How do we develop a technology based solution to provide essential risk based triaging and facilitate pre and post-natal preventive care?
Total Registered Teams: 102
3. During an incidence of natural disaster, information and time are two of the most crucial resources. So, can we source information from citizens and simultaneously disseminate it among them in an effective and targeted manner, to minimise damage and save lives?
Total Registered Teams: 114
4. Often a citizen is left bereft of benefits and subsidies that he or she is eligible for, solely due to information gap. Thus, can we provide targeted information about government schemes to eligible citizens to ensure that they don’t miss out on their rightfully deserved benefits?
Total Registered Teams: 150
5. Due to delay in identification of the case, thousands of disabled children in the state miss the timely critical care needed to cure disability. How can we develop a mobile based application for proactive and early identification of person with disability to ensure access to necessary medical care and entitlements?
Total Registered Teams: 107
6. How do we connect key stakeholders - support staff, medical professionals, field functionaries and farmer – of veterinary department, in an effective manner for seamless delivery of necessary medical care and advance treatments like artificial insemination?
Total Registered Teams: 87